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REDWOLF VODKA or VRW as it also known by is made from grade “A” wheat grain which comes from some with the best wheat growing nations in the world like Poland & Southern Russia. The water’s source is from the Tatras Mountain range in Poland bordering with Slovakia, which flows underground becoming purified and drawn from a well that is said to be hundreds of years old.


Using the same secret recipe founded back in 2005 when Premium REDWOLF VODKA first debuted, VRW moved production from Russia to Poland where now this sublime vodka is produced. The result is still a unique distilled to perfection vodka with a clean refreshing crisp taste, arousing to the senses with a sweet aroma making this sacred spirit Premium REDWOLF VODKA one of most smoothest vodka's around.


The founder of REDWOLF VODKA and its dedicated sales team operate from their head quarters in London, bringing to the masses this premium luxury vodka to the rest of the world. This high quality luxury vodka was only possible through their hands on work philosophy approach from research & development, design, production, distribution to marketing of this sublime product.


VRW continues to make strides and is going from strength to strength forging relations with buyers all over the world. It is VRW's mission is to supply the best quality premium/luxury vodka & service to our customers worldwide, using only the best raw material ingredients and distilling know how technology to create what is one of the smoothest vodka's in the world and awarding winning at the world spirits competition in 2011.


Be part of the mystery and wonder that is PREMIUM REDWOLF VODKA, Most likely the best tasting smoothest vodka around.